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Meidan Emam (Isfahan) as an Asset of Cultural Heritage
Meidan Emam (Isfahan) as an Asset of Cultural Heritage


A Research Cooperat
ion between University of Isfahan and ICLEI European Secretariat (H-2020)

The ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, European Secretariat (Freiburg, Germany) and the entire Consortium of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation project CLIC (Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse) have shown their gratefulness to the University of Isfahan for the close cooperation and support in the research for the development of a case study for Meidan Emam (Isfahan) included in the report “Circular governance models for the adaptive reuse of cultural heritage”.

Isfahan was selected as one of six international model cities (including, Cuenca, Amman, Tirana, Montreal and San José) to scale-out the adaptive reuse of cultural heritage, together with the four Heritage Innovation Partnerships (HIPs) and six additional European cities. The report, and therefore, the Isfahan case study, will be showcased in International Academic Conferences and has been introduced to several EU institutions, local European and International governments, stakeholders, organizations as well as professional practitioners and private investors in the field of cultural heritage and sustainable development.

This participation will allow the city of Isfahan to gain visibility amongst European cities and institutions, being part of a network of cities, but also investors, entrepreneurs and civil society organizations, which are promoting new models for attracting productive investments in cultural heritage reuse. Isfahan can have the opportunity to mainstream its innovative governance, financing and business models for craft and folk art development in the historic area of the city and learn from the experience of other cities to further enhance its heritage-led development model, creating favourable conditions to attract sustainable investments for heritage conservation and reuse. Additionally, thanks to the fruitful cooperation, the city will be taken into account for future European projects as a formal partner linking resilience to historic areas.

A research team including a number of faculty members and students at the University of Isfahan conducted the study of Isfahan in cooperation with its local partner, Isfahan Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Department.
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