Monday, January 24, 2022
Solidarity Message to the International Partners
Solidarity Message to the International Partners

University of Isfahan has tried to offer inclusive, equitable, and high quality education during Corona pandemic

With the world pandemic due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Universities in Iran closed their campuses and opted for virtual training to protect the health of their students, teachers, and staff.  During the pandemic, the main concern at the University of Isfahan has been to offer inclusive, equitable, and high quality education to all the students through the use of the latest technologies. The University of Isfahan had virtual training and programs even before the pandemic. During the pandemic, equipped with previous experience, our experts and technicians at our e-learning centre have formed different groups on social technologies for the faculty members and staff at different faculties to offer assistance and to solve technical problems.

Our experts in the field of education have also offered different workshops for the faculty members to help them handle the challenges of virtual teaching and learning. We have also taken measures to help vulnerable and disadvantaged students by, for example, offering them free internet packages, smart phones, laptops, and tablets. All these efforts have helped us to maintain our education excellence, which our university if famous for. It is not an exaggeration to say that we have even offered more assistance and support to our international students to ensure that they will stay healthy and will continue their dreams at our university.

Also, we have been successful to resume other educational, administrative, and research activities by, for example, holding virtual defence sessions for our postgraduate students. We have also tried to maintain and even to extend our international ties and activities. Recently, we have sent and received many letters from our partners in the world for more cooperation and closer ties during this unprecedented time. 

The pandemic has not been all threats. It has presented new opportunities for research and education as well. For example, our experts in the field of education are now thinking about new models of teaching and learning, and our experts in the field of engineering are thinking about the needs of the society during and after the pandemic. There have been some success stories till now. Just last months, our experts designed and produced some new types of medical devices and tools that can help Corona patients survive.  

Despite the many challenges and difficulties, our university has been successful, and we are now ready to share our knowledge and experience with other universities in the world. Indeed, we believe that working together is our best bet for survival and resilience.
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