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Department of Pure Mathematics
 sMathematic PureHead Department of  Pure Mathematics
Dr. Hamid Reza Salimi Moghaddam
Phone:   +98-31-37934640(Off.)  Fax: +98-31-37934600 (Dept. Off.)
E-Mail:   hr.salimi@sci.ui.ac.ir
Personal Page address : https://sci.ui.ac.ir/~hr.salimi
Deputy of Educationand Research
Dr. Alireza Nasr-Isfahani
 Phone: +98-31-37934639(Off.)    Fax:+98-31-37934600(Dept. Off.)
E-Mail: nasr_a@sci.ui.ac.ir
Personal Page address: https://sciold.ui.ac.ir/~nasr_a
The Department of Mathematics
This department admitted its first students through a competition and a follow-up technical interview in 1965. Because of not having full-time faculty members, this department invited professors from other universities to teach its courses. In order to meet its need for faculty members, the department dispatched some bursary candidates overseas and in 1978 there were 17 full-time faculty members working in the department. Following are the objectives pursued by the department:
Educational Objectives: In society
1. Training qualified experts capable of analyzing the countries problems is industry and economy 2. Training experts in teaching and disseminating mathematics as well as responding to needs of other sub-disciplines of Science for mathematics 3. Training researchers with the aim of expanding the frontiers of mathematics and reducing the country’s need for overseas services 4. Expanding the society’s level of knowledge in Basic and Fundamental Sciences
Educational Objectives: In University
1. Familiarizing students with the boundaries of mathematics 2. Familiarizing students with concepts and methods in single and multi-variable calculus, linear algebra , discrete mathematics , differential equations , abstract algebra and real and complex analysis 3. Developing students’ problem-solving skills through encouraging their creativity and innovation 4. Teaching students how to analyze discretely and tangibly in mathematics 5. Familiarizing students with the principles of discovery in mathematics and helping them learn how to employ technology as a research tool and how to format and demonstrate their speculations 6. Empowering students in understanding and analyzing mathematical reasoning as well as expressing their mathematical ideas clearly and precisely both orally and in writing. 7. Training students such that they can “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”.
Research Objectives
1. Contributing to the promotion of human knowledge and introducing the country’s achievements in mathematics to the world 2. Creating a spirit of research throughout the society 3. Providing an appropriate platform to establish relations with industry and other institutions and responding to their needs through research 4. Establishing research institutes to handle the above goals
Service Objectives
Creating workshops for organizations outside the university in various fields such as financial mathematics, mathematics for insurance and financial and administrative organizations and meeting other University departments’ needs for mathematics teahcers are among the objectives of this department. The department of mathematics is currently admitting students in the three programs of BSc , MSc and Ph.D. The BSc programs include pure mathematics and applied mathematics and computer sciences. The MSc programs include pure mathematics (analysis and algebra), applied mathematics (numerical analysis, operations research and mathematical physics) and the Ph.D. programs include Lie algebra , group theory , commutative algebra , optimization , analysis of the manifold , harmonic analysis , Functional analysis , nonlinear functional analysis , optimum control and complex geometry.
The following are the heads of the department since it was established:
1. Dr. Fayyaz
2. Dr. Jalali
3. Dr. Za’farani
4. Dr. Esfahani
5. Dr. Enshaee
6. Dr. Danaee
7. Dr. Khatoon Abadi
8. Dr. Mohammadi Hassan Abadi
9. Dr. Lashkarizadeh
10. Dr. A’zam
11. Dr. Abdullahi
12. Dr. Poriaye Vali
13. Dr. Rajaali
14. Dr. Chinaee
15. Dr. Fakhar
16. Dr. Nobakhtian
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