July 3, 2022
Department of Statistics
Head Department of Statistics Dr. Hamid Bidram
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E-Mail: h.bidram@sci.ui.ac.ir
Personal Page address: https://sci.ui.ac.ir/~h.bidram/
Deputy of Education and Research Dr. Afshin Parvardeh
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E-Mail: E.zamanzade[at]sci.u.i.aci

 The Department of Statistics
This department was first founded in 1984 when the students majoring in Statistics in Kourosh College were transferred to the faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics in the University of Isfahan. The college was closed afterwards. However, this department was founded as a new and independent department in 1991 and the first group of B.A students of Statistics was admitted to the University of Isfahan afterwards. Then the Department of Statistics began to develop rapidly through employing new faculty members such that students were admitted to the following programs: paid BSc programs in Statistics in 1995, Msc programs in Socio-Economic Statistics in 1997, Msc programs Mathematical Statistics in 1998 and also Ph.D. programs in 2005. The Department of Statistics has managed to educate many graduates in Bsc, Msc and Ph.D. levels in Statistics to provide the organizations, industries and universities with experts in this area of science.
Currently, there are 11 faculty members and a number of domestic and international bursary Ph.D. students teaching in the department which include two full professors, one associate professor, seven assistant professors and one instructor covering a unique and comprehensive range in their areas of expertise including Reliability, Distribution Theory, Information Theory, Order Statistics, Design of Experiments, Modeling, Stochastic Processes, Queuing Theory, Multivariate Statistics, Statistical Inference, Spatial Statistics and Theory of Probability and Sampling. There are, now, approximately 200 Bsc students, 40 MSc students and 16 Ph.D. students studying in this faculty.
Despite being a newly-established department, major achievements have been gained by the faculty students in National Student Statistics Competitions, Statistics Olympiads as well as university entrance exams in MSc and Ph.D. levels. Moreover, the faculty members of the department have managed to publish and present their researches in international conferences and prestigious journals in addition to obtaining scientific and educational titles and honors namely the National Exemplary Professor Award, Provincial Exemplary Researcher Award and Book of the Year Award and playing and active role in university administrative roles and the Iranian Statistics Association turning the University’s Department of Statistics into a leading center in Statistics both nationally and internationally.
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