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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The growth and development of libraries and information centers are among the vital needs of any scientific and academic center. The Central Library of the University of Isfahan started its activities in 1969. It is located in a seven-storey building which is 22000 square meters in surface and is stocked with 145437 Persian and 20807 English books making it one the largest university libraries across the country. The current building of the library was opened in 2001. The library has purchased subscription to 18 international electronic databases namely Wiley ,Springer, IEEE, Science direct , Taylor & Francis, Sage، iopscience, ACS Publications, Emerald, APS, Jstor,ASME, AMS (mathscinet), ACM, AIP,RSC, Nature and ASCE to provide post-graduate students and faculty members with access to these data bases trough Edupaper System. The policy-making issues related to the library and the purchasing of books are dealt with by two independent councils called “Book Council” and “Libraries Council” and the purchasing of foreign journals is done under the supervision of “the Committee for Providing Non-Persian Scientific Resources”.

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