Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Faulty of Transportation
Electrical Railway Lab

· 4 channel DSO

· 60 MHz bandwidth

· 1 GSa/s sample rate,

· 8-BIT high resolution ADC ,40M record length 45000 WFMS/s waveform refresh rate

· VGA interface

· 8 inches 800x600 high resolution multi-touch screen, SCPI and labVIEW supported

· Inclusive integrated multimeter and 25 MHz waveform generator

· WIFI and CAN, I2C, SPI RS232 decoding

· Multi-interface integration-USB host, USB device, USB port and pictbridge ,LAN


2- MPS-3010L-1 MATRIX: 30Volt, 10 A DC Power Supply


· Laboratory power supply

· linear, single-channel

· Output voltage: 0...30V

· Output current: 0...10A

· Output voltage resolution: 0.1V

· Output current resolution: 0.01A

· Protection: against reverse polarity, short circuit protection

· Power supply: 230V AC 50/60Hz

3- Three-phase Variable Autotransformer: GREEN DOT GDDM-20A-3P-V 15KVA

· Three phase variable transformer type. 

· Dimmer Dot Model No. GDDM-203-P-VI Variable.

· 380V ac input voltage

· 0-430 V output voltage and

· The power is 15 KVA.

· For changing the voltage level in linear and continuous mode, the variable transformers are used.

· Maximum current: 3x20 A

· Digital panel meters for voltage & current

· Weight :14.35 Kg

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