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Student Consultation Center
                           Director of Student Consultation Center
Director of Student Consultation Center 
Dr. Ahmad Sadeghi
Phone: +98-31-37932327
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Student Advising and Counseling Center
University Counseling Center, with the aim of promoting mental health of the students and preventing the incidence and prevalence of traumas, provides them with services in the following different sections.
Counseling Section
Providing counseling services in academic, career, marriage and family, emotional and psychological, legal, religious and genetic issues, offered by more than 30 counselors and psychologists in dormitories and faculties, are among the most important activities of the center. In addition to its professional counseling staff, the center benefits from psychiatrists in order to provide the students with the best possible services.
Training Section
This center, benefitting from experienced professors, holds scheduled educational workshops in every semester on the topics such as personal growth, life skills, academic skills, pre-marriage education, job skills and employment.
Research Section
Identifying students' psychological problems and preventing their spread are one of the objectives of the research section. Annual administration of the Mental Health Assessment Questionnaire, to be taken by the first-year students and performed in collaboration with the central Counseling Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, is done by this section to evaluate the psychological health state of new students and these students are required to cooperate in its implementation.
Journals Section
Hamraaz is a journal produced by this section which deals with issues on mental health and psychological problems. This section also produces various educational brochures on stress, life skills, self-esteem, marriage proposal and marriage. The journal of Payam-e-Moshavereh (Counseling Message) produced by the central office is distributed in faculties and dormitories by this section.
Audio-visual Library
Students can borrow CDs or educational books on how to improve their psychological lives from this section.
Counseling Service for the Visually Impaired Students
This center provides special services for the visually impaired students. These services include preparing audio books, converting books into Braille and converting books to cassette tapes, CDs and computer files. This center, which is equipped with advanced related technologies, is based in the faculty of literature. Administering psychological and personality tests, holding exhibitions related to the Counseling Center activities and holding competitions on psychological health are among other activities of this center.
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