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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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The Office of Dining Services

Director of Dining Services

Sayyed Reza Sayyedemamzadeh

Phone: +98-31-37934161& 37932233
Email Address:
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Administrative Unit:

Benefitting from experts in health, food and nutrition as well as the supervisions of experienced supervisors, this unit is responsible for the following activities. Monitoring the quality and quantity of food cooked by contractors with respect to the existing facilities such as the subsidized raw materials allocated to the University by the Ministry of Science , Research and Technology and also maintaining food variety with regard to the needs of students’ bodies; Developing weekly and monthly meal plans along with health messages for students, handling the complaints and protests of students as well as controlling and monitoring the hygienic status of dining halls and their personnel; Monitoring the raw materials purchased by the contractors, holding health education classes (on personal hygiene and proper storage of food) for the dining staff ; controlling and monitoring the bakery unit and its contractor in terms of the quality and quantity of the bread distributed in the University as well as preparing and distributing sugar and oil allowances of on-campus students in certain timings.

Dining Halls and Kitchens:

This unit consists of two kitchens and dining halls: Akhtaran-e-Bineshan for boys and Kowsar for girls. There are also 10 food distribution units inside student dormitories.

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