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October 25, 2020
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Technology Development Center
Dr.Ali Safari

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Introducing Technology Development Center
This center, run under the management of qualified experts, supports the establishment and development of new businesses launched by entrepreneurs who work in newly-founded centers which focus on activities that result in technology-development as well as those that pursue science and technology-based economic goals.

Introducing the Technology Development Center of the University of Isfahan
The Technology Development Center of the University of Isfahan was established in 2011 and is currently running under the management of Dr. Ali Safari, a faculty member of the Management Department of the University of Isfahan, and with assistance from Mr. Nureddin and Mr. Jazi. This center is engaged in supporting the production and promotion of new ideas in Humanities, Basic Sciences and Engineering through providing the following services:
  • Renting entrepreneurs a place to work in 
  • Laboratory, workshop and information services
  • Management, legal, financial, credit, project-locating and information services
  • Teaching specialized courses and providing counseling services
  • Other services related to the development, growth and promotion of Information Technology Units
Technology Units
These units, which are independent of the Technology Development Center, are active in the areas of applied and developmental research, engineering design, reverse engineering, offering specialized services as well as commercializing research findings. These units include private companies, research and development centers of industries and research centers affiliated with universities or executive organizations.
Elementary Technology Development Courses
In these courses, which take a maximum of six months, counseling and educational services are offered to talented individuals or groups which have developed innovative industrial ideas with the aim of familiarizing them with the needs of market and helping them identify work groups, register their own ideas and obtain independent legal identities. Upon successful completion of the elementary course and obtaining independent legal identities, the newly established units can apply for an office in the Technology Development Center. The length of the course may be extended up to 9 months with the approval of the Director of the Technology Development Center.
Growth Courses
During these courses, which take a maximum of 3 years, the technology units working in the Growth Center will achieve the Growth Standards and leave the Center afterwards. The length of the course may be extended up to 5 years with the approval of the Council of the Center.
Forms and Worksheets
a. Technology Units Application Form
b. Instructions on Admitting Technology Units
c. Technology Development Center Application Process Flowchart
Active Nuclei of the Center
a. Sepehr Danesh Isfahan Co.
b. Zistpartaak Co.
c. Novin Sangpardazan Nucleus
d.Nano-fanavarn Safir Nucleus
e. Novin-fanavarn Nucleus
f. Sadra Biomedical Engineering Nucleus
g. Designing and Manufacturing Electronic Machines Nucleus
h. Kavoshgarane Teb Khwarazmi Co.
i. Behineh Notash Sepahan Co.
j. New Energies Nucleus
k. Javid Engineering Nucleus
l. Pishrofan Bistoon Nucleus
m. Nanofanavarn Nucleus
n. Sorena Nucleus
o. Layehneshan Plasma Nucleus
p. Fasle Rooyesh Zendehrood Cooperative Company
q. Tahlilgar Statistics Nucleus
r. Kooshapardazan Pishro Co.
s. Safir Cultural Studies Nucleus
t. Pishraft Financial Development Center
u. Afagh Andisheh Moaser Institute
v. Hava Ertebat Nucleus
w. Sepano Nucleus
x. Basij Scientific, Research and Technological Nucleus
y. Science, Innovation and Creativity Nucleus
z. Ideh Pardazan Novin Sanat Nucleus
aa. Ilma Nucleus
bb. Nojan Cooperative Company
cc. Quality Research in Education Nucleus
dd. Science and Sport Nucleus
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