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Friday, July 20, 2018
Educational contents, sources and material
Level 1
1. Improving Pronunciation and Speaking Skills (Oral and Written)
2. Improving Listening Skills (Using Audiovisual CDs)
3. Dictation and Developing Writing Skills
4. Word Formation and Word Usage in Sentence (Class Activity)

Level 2
1. Writing Summaries and Developing Writing Skills (Class Activity)
2. Improving Listening Skills (Using Audiovisual CDs)
3. Conversation
4. Persian Grammar (Elementary)

Level 3
1. Reading Stories, Newspapers and Magazines
2. Writing Summaries and Developing Writing Skills and Formal Letter Writing
3. Persian Grammar (Intermediate)
4. Improving Listening Skills (Using movies and Persian songs)

Level 4 and Above
1. Reading and Exploring Newspapers, magazines and other books
2. An Introduction to Literary Texts (theosophical texts, epics, history, etc.) and reading articles related to the learner’s major
3. Studying and analyzing literary texts and primary resources
4. Persian Grammar (Advanced)
5. Literary devices*
6. Proverbs*
7. Versification*
8. Stylistics*
*The subjects marked with asterisks are offered according to the learners’ proficiency level, their interests and fields of study and the resources are determined by the teachers 
In the courses held so far by the office of International and Scientific Cooperation, the teachers have operationalized a new curriculum based on the number and level of the students. In this curriculum the students in the second and third levels have been required to pass the following courses in addition to studying their course books:
1. Reading stories
2. Reading articles
3. Conversation and debate
4. Reading newspapers
5. Literature and reading poetry
Following the changes in the curriculum, the teachers’ schedules are set so that each teacher can take up teaching one of the above-mentioned subjects with the aim of making classes more consistent and dynamic for the language learners.


· Persian grammar
The materials presented by the teachers throughout the language courses are based on the following books: 
1. Persian Grammar (first and second volume) by Dr. Anvari and Givi
2. Persian Grammar by Dr. Khayyampour
3. Persian Grammar by Dr. Mohammd Javad Shari’at

Story books:

1. The series of Good Stories for Good Kids by Mehdi Azaryazdi
2. Sweet Stories by Jafar Ebrahimi
3. Contemporary stories and novels (selected by the teacher considering the levels and interests of the language learners)

· Newspapers and magazines

· Audio CDs and movies

1. CDs related to Let’s Learn Persian (1,2,3)
2. Persian in Conversation
3. CDs about tourism in Iran
4. The Iranian Alphabet (by Persian Development Council)
5. Iranian movies

· Specialized courses on Persian Literature (These courses are selected and taught based on the needs and interests of the learners majoring in Persian Literature )
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